About Fred

Fred Teifeld is a commercial photographer based in Chicago, IL.  Shooting professionally since 2004, Fred constantly strives to achieve a unique and fresh point of view.

The passion for photography has run in Fred's family since his father worked as a photographer and darkroom technician at the largest commercial photo house in Chicago since the 1930s. Fred grew up around cameras and photography, and did freelance photography while working in Information Technology. By 2004, the freelance became full time and since then he has travelled far and wide with camera in hand and his work has been exhibited and published internationally.

His work reveals a great appreciation for detail and obscure viewpoints. Fred’s interest is in possibilities and not limitations.

Fred is constantly seeking out new subject matter and differing points of view, giving the viewer a new or different perspective. If you'd like to see how he can help you with a fresh perspective, contact him at 773-919-4374.

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